Cycles at 6pm - from 05.09.23

Cycles at 6pm - from 05.09.23


Dear Community,

For some time now, we have been working out how to make Leu's community income available to more people. Over the last year, we have always had our meetings to draw Leu at 12:50 pm. First of all, we are aware that the perfect system and time does not exist. However, after talking to various participants, outsiders and interested people, we have talked a lot about the time of the meetings.

Now we have decided that from 5 September onwards we will hold the meetings at 6pm. This way, people who could not attend the meetings before, be it because of work, childcare or other commitments, can now also receive the Community Income. As far as the procedure is concerned, everything remains as usual.

You can still register up to 48 hours before the meetings and will then be informed of your meeting time in the app. In addition, they remain at a rhythm of 10 days. So there will be no changes except for the new time.

Regarding our Leu Lunch format, we will move it to the evening with a few changes. So that we can still be found after the meetings, but now from 6pm onwards, at the L200. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

In summary:

From 5 September 2023, meetings to draw community income will be held at 6pm. The rhythm of 10 days remains. The schedule is also unchanged. You can still meet us at the L200 afterwards.