All about Leu for your business

You want to take the first step towards sustainability, equal opportunities and a stronger local economy? Then you've come to the right place! Read through the documents here or have them sent to you by email.

Your advantages

By offering leu, you and your business not only support the sustainable development of Zurich, but also lay the foundation for a social and thriving business.

New customers

The Leu community becomes aware of you. With Leu, you can generate additional turnover through new customers and pass this on to your employees.

Social engagement

You also give people access to your products who did not have it before. This way, everyone can participate in the local Zurich economy.

Strengthening the local economy

Because Leu is a local currency, it can only be spent in Zurich. This way you show that you support the local economy.

What businesses say about Leu

How the Leu comes into your business

Here you will find an overview of how the leu behaves in everyday business, in the sale of products, in the exchange rate and as a means of payment.

Sell your products with Leu

You can offer all your products or services in exchange for Leu, or just a part of them. In addition, you can use the leu to create additional purchase incentives, for example for products that are close to their best-before date. It's up to you to decide how you see the best use of leu for your products. If you need advice, our well-trained marketing team will be happy to assist you.

Exchange rate and fees

The current exchange rate of the leu is assumed to be 1:1 to the Swiss franc.For technical reasons, a minimum fee of LEU 0.01 is charged for each transaction, regardless of the amount. The fees are paid automatically by the sending person. On amounts paid with Leu, the usual VAT (standard rate: 7.7% - reduced rate: 2.5% - special rate for accommodation: 3.7%) must be paid in Swiss francs. A separate information sheet exists for accounting purposes. A monthly overview of your own Leu transactions can be accessed online.

Leu in everyday trade

You can accept leu, as with Twint, by placing a display with a QR code at the checkout that your customers scan via the "Encointer Wallet" app. Alternatively or in addition to this, you can also accept payments using a smartphone or tablet via the "Encointer Wallet" app.

To do this, enter the amount in the app and have your customers scan the QR code. The Leu team will be happy to give introductions and answer any questions you may have.

Leu for your employees

Salary: You can discuss with your employees whether they would like to receive part of their salary in Leu. It is important to agree on this beforehand and to make sure that the amount is stated in CHF in the employment contract.

Gifts in kind: LEU can be given to employees as a tax-free gift in kind, for example on special occasions such as weddings or service anniversaries. The amount should not exceed CHF 500 per event.

Discounting: The company can offer employees a discount on the purchase of LEU, similar to Reka checks. For example, LEU can be sold at a 20% discount. As long as the discount does not exceed CHF 600 in total per year (which corresponds to a purchase of 3000 LEU), it is tax-free and does not require a salary declaration. If the amount exceeds the 600 CHF, it must be declared as a fringe benefit. More info.

You still have questions?

Questions and answers

Here we have put together an overview of questions and the corresponding answers that we have often encountered. If you still have questions, you will find a contact form directly below this section, which you are welcome to fill out with questions.


What advantages does the leu have for me?

Primarily, we see it as a way to reach new customers. But you can also show your commitment to more local business and be perceived as a pioneer in the local economy. Additionally, you have no transaction costs when paying with Leu.

What can I do with Leu as a business?

The easiest way is to spend the leu in other shops that accept leu. You can also pay out leu as a salary or bonus, or sell it to your employees as a fringe benefit (such as lunch cheques or Reka cheques).

Is the conversion rate always 1:1 to the CHF?

That is our recommendation, but we do not specify it. All companies have done it this way so far.

So I can pay my employees Leu as a salary?

Companies can pay their employees a portion or the entire salary in LEU. LEU is a so-called Payment Token and is treated in accounting as a foreign currency. If LEU is part of the salary, all social security contributions such as AHV, EO, and insurances are applicable. Employees are also subject to income taxes. LEU in the Salary Statement: Treating it like a Foreign Currency In short, if you pay Leu at a rate of 1:1 to your employees, there will be no changes in the salary statement, and it can be filled out as usual. If your company pays the salary to employees in the form of Payment Tokens, you must declare this in the salary statement. The same rules apply as for payments in a foreign currency. For foreign currency payments, you need to convert the amount into Swiss Francs (CHF) and indicate this value in the salary statement. The conversion of the salary into CHF is usually done at the exchange rate on the day of payment. The corresponding rate. We recommend using the rate of 1:1 in this case. Everything else in the salary statement must be issued according to the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) and must include the following information: Name and address of the employee and the employer Social security number of the employee Salary amount in Swiss Francs (converted from the amount in foreign currency) Type of remuneration (e.g. basic salary, overtime, bonus, etc.) Deductions for social security contributions, taxes, and any other deductions.

Do I then also have to pay AHV on it? How does it work with the salary statement?

As long as you treat Leu like a discount, your employees have the opportunity to buy Leu without paying tax.

How do I deal with this in accounting?

You use it like a foreign currency account. In the cash system, you can also set up a leu revenue account in addition to cash (analogous to the euro, for example). In accounting, you also need an account to which this goes.

Do I have to show/pay VAT on payments with Leu?

Yes, it is exactly the same as with CHF. However, you cannot yet pay VAT with Leu, but only in CHF.

How can I enter in my POS system that someone has paid with Leu?

Every checkout system works a little differently. We set up the system for you on a trial day and then make test purchases.

You want to trade with Leu too?

We bring the leu to you

Our acceptance points team is always open for you and your questions if you and your company also want to trade with Leu.

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A community of encointer